5 Marvelous Monogram Wall Décor

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Wrought Iron Monogram Wall Decor

Monogram wall décor will not only beautify the wall, but also can be your personal expression or signature that you want to show off to people. This wall décor can be personalized according to your own imagination, and FYI, monogram for wall décor is suitable for both traditional and modern look of home. With clever arrangement and thoughtful setting for this and that aspect, you can pull-off impressive, plus, realistic view of art through monogram. Below are 5 ideas to inspire you when it comes to applying the monogram décor to the walls.

Modest yet Stylish Monogram Wall Décor

The monogram may be modest in overall presentation, but sure they are still fashionable as a wall decoration at home. First, simply go with the framed letter. You will always find single letter reliable, noted that you choose the one with style statement and then frame it with matching concept. Place it basically everywhere, for example in the living room with the initial of your family name. Second, create an eye-catchy collage made from a group of framed letter like what we just mentioned. Work with bunches of a letter with various appearances, probably framed or not, and exhibit them together for a gallery-like hallway. Third, realize a worthy DIY project of fabric letter glued to a canvas to enlighten your mood around the working desk.

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Monogram Wall with Fresher Touches

If you think purchasing the solid monogram isn’t really what you expected, you can take advantages of wall decals. Look for the decals of your name initials to be later organized on your bedroom wall. On the other side, wall decoration that still upholds the concept of monogram may be shown off in a form of shaped faux flowers. Easily put one by one to the letter you aim, then finish by taping it to the wall. Voila!

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