An Introduction Of Altar Table

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Altar Table Definition

Altar table – is needed in church for prayer and mass. It is located in the center of altar. This table is often called as Holy Table. Here is a brief description about it.

 Description of Altar Table

The table is usually a cube made of wood or stone. The original color of the material is commonly exposed so that the table is not painted. The size is varied from medium to quite big. Sometimes it is completed with some drawers. It is covered by brocade clothes. There is a multi-branches candle holder on the table. The books of Gospel are also usually laid on it. You may also see some flowers and a crucifix.

 Its meaning

This holy table symbolizes some meaning. First of all, it symbolizes the Throne of God. Then it represents Golgotha, the hill where Jesus Christ was crucified. Besides it also represents the table that was used in the last supper of Jesus and His students. It was the table in which breads and wines for the communion ceremony were put on. The only one altar also symbolizes that Jesus is the only Savior in the world. Another meaning is that the table can bring a message of unity, peace, and friendship.

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