Antique Buffet Table Care

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Antique Buffet And Table

Antique buffet table is a kind of furniture that is full of art. It has a number of carving and narrow fissures. These are the parts where dust and dirt are usually concealed. They will be harmful for the table. So, taking care of it is a must. Do not let the table damaged just because you cannot treat it well.

 How to Take Care of an Antique Buffet Table

Here are some tips to take care of your antique table. First, put the table in the clean and dry place with normal temperature. It will keep your table durable. Make sure the table’s surface is always clean and hygienic. You can clean it up with a brush or vacuum cleaner. Use bio polish to keep the beauty of your antique buffet.

 Do not do these to Your Antique Table

Do not keep the antique table in a humid room. It will make fungus grows. Termites may also appear. Both of fungus and termites are harmful since they will make the table rotten and damaged. Then, do not use a rag to clean up the surface of the table because it can make scratches on the table. Cleaning up your buffet table with chemical liquid cleaner that contains methanol, toluene, or acetone is also not recommended.

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