Butterfly Leaf Table: A Brief Introduction

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Butterfly Table Leaf

Butterfly leaf table is a perfect addition for your home decor and furniture. Its unique design will be suitable for you who need something different for your home.  It is also a good way to create an extra room at home. However many people do not know what this table actually is. So, here is a brief explanation about it.

 The Origin of Butterfly Leaf Table

Many people believe that butterfly table is originated in America in the early 18th century. However, it is a modification of a popular table used by European people in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. The table top consists of two parts that slide apart to reveal the extra panel. This panel unfolds like a butterfly when you take it out. That is why this table is called as butterfly table.

 What is the Table made of?

Butterfly table usually made of wood since metal cannot accommodate a separate leaf. Maple and pine are two kinds of wood often used to be the main material of the table. Sometimes the table is made of the combination of wood and veneer. There are also some butterfly tables made of hardwood. The price of the tables made of this material is more expensive than others.

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