Candle Wall Décor To Create A Romantic And Warm Atmosphere

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Wrought Iron Wall Decor With Candles

Candle wall décor for living room or entryway is a great design. There are a lot of ideas for the candle holder designs with various materials, sizes, styles and colors. You can choose the best design that is fit to your interior décor. The candle decorations in a room is able to create a romantic feeling through its gloomy lights. Besides, the decorative designs for its holder can upgrade the room décor. If your room is designed in vintage and classic look, this kind of wall decoration is really nice to choose. So, the candle comes with not only functionalities, but also aesthetic look.

Design Ideas for Candle Wall Décor

The candle holder can be made of various materials like metal, iron, copper, wood and many more. For classic look, you can choose the holders or sconces that are made or iron, metal or copper. Decorative designs of the sculpture or molding can make it look more beautiful. It is commonly made with the pattern of classic curls, leaves, and floral styles. Then, the scones can be coated with dark or metallic colors like black, gold, or bronze. The light of the candles will reflect beautifully on the surface of its holders. So, the mounted candle holders really can make the wall look more stunning.

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Wooden Candle Holders with Decorative Designs for Wall Decorations

If you want to make a warm and inviting ambiance for your interior décor, you can decorate it with rustic style. Then, to complete the décor, you might choose the candle holders made of wooden materials. The natural look of the wood is able to blend with the romantic light from the candle. Besides, the unpainted wood and simple design also can accentuate its rustic look. The material also can be chosen from any kinds of wood that come with various beautiful colors from the light to dark.

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