Common Style Of Duncan Phyfe Table

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Duncan Phyfe Coffee Table

Duncan Phyfe table is pretty weird table that people can afford for their house interior. The weird characteristic of this table is at its leg. The leg of this table is like chicken’s feet or bird’s claw which is still able to support some weight on the table. Most of Phyfe table are shiny and made of wood. Therefore, this table pretty much fits to classic and modern house interior. Moreover, this table is commonly used for coffee table instead of dining table. It may due to weird structure.

Duncan Phyfe Table Finishing

There are various finishing that usually offered by table’s manufacturers. The most common finishing are making the surface becomes shiny and elegant. Though, there are some mattes finishing which are quite cool to be used as coffee table. Some colors can also be applied for finishing. Brown and black are color that will make a good table for those purposes.

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Duncan Phyfe Shape

There are two basic shape for this type of table. The first is square and the other is round. For square table, there is long square table that can provide many people at the same time. For round table, there are also cute chairs surrounding the table which can also be used by many people. All of the chairs in this type of table is not upholstered to give more classical look.

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