Cool Ikea Butcher Block Table

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Ikea Butcher Block Table

Ikea butcher block table is a table used for chopping meat. The wood used in this table is quite strong to withstand knife attacks from chopper. Usually, the most butcher block tables are made of wood. The reason is to reduce wear of knives. If the butcher table tops are made of stones or metal, the knives will be worn of faster since they hit hard surface. Therefore, the table are commonly made of wood.

Ikea Butcher Block Table Design

There are common designs of this table that is sold in the market. The first is square type and rectangular type. Though it seems similar, square butcher table is for single person use, while rectangular one is for teamwork chopping. In addition, square table is easier to move since its lighter. Even one person can move the table into more convenient place easily.

Efficient butcher block table

There are some butcher tables installed with additional panel under tabletop. People can use the panel to store some meats which are ready to be chopped. Usually there is only one panel below tabletop, yet for higher butcher block table; there are more than one panel for storage. Even though additional storage is necessary, this table does not need cabinet-like storage since meats cannot be friendly with that environment.

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