Corner Vanity Table Ideas

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Antique Corner Vanity Table

Corner vanity table can be a perfect choice for you, especially women, who have a small room but want to have a private space to make your faces up. No need a wide space for its simplicity; even you can use it as a decoration of your room. Well, vanity table is usually located in the bathroom or bedroom. Let’s check some ideas for those two rooms.

 Corner Vanity Table for Bathroom

For your bathroom, you may apply one of Melanie Bast’s designs of vanity table. This kind of vanity has three mirrors and a quite big table. It is equipped with a sink in the middle of it. Some drawers are also available. Soaps, shampoos, towels, and other things you need to take a bath can be kept in that corner vanity.

 Make my Own Vanity in my Bedroom

Making your own vanity? Yeah, why not? You can reuse your old low table, clean it up, paint it, and put it in the corner of your room. Cover it with a pretty table cloth. Feel free to choose the color and pattern of your vanity table clothes, since it is your room! Do not forget to hang a mirror on the wall. You can hang it on the right or left side of the wall. Even it is also acceptable if you put two mirrors in the two sides.

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