Decorating Sugar Cookies By Yourself

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Sugar Cookies To Decorate

Decorating Sugar Cookies is a useful activity you can do in holiday. You can make your own favorite cookies. Invite your friends or relations to décor this delicious cookies with you. The interesting of decorating cookies is you can design it with various toppings. Some basic materials that can be used are messes and icing creams. Plain sugar cookies are topped with the icing topping. Then you can form the upper by piling up various icing creams. The last is adding the colorful messes to make it brighter and delicate.

Decorating Sugar Cookies and Eating

Cookies are favorite snack among people. It can be eaten while enjoying hot drink such as tea and coffee. One of cookies that common and easy to find and make is sugar cookies. Decorated with sprinkles, colorful topping, and sugar makes these cookies look delicate. These cookies also can be a good choice to serve when you have a party. The good thing of cookies is you can still eat them even after you have made it for more than weeks. You have be better to put them into the fridge.

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Sugar Cookies Recipe

While baking the plain cookies, prepare a mixing bowl, powdered sugar, vanilla, coloring of food and sprinkles. Mix the powdered sugar with sugar little by little. Whisk the mixing with high speed but don’t keep it from lumps. After that, add the color, vanilla, and stir again. After it is ready, you can décor ice cookies. Seed sprinkles to make it beautiful.

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