DIY Whiskey Barrel Table

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Whiskey Barrel Poker Table And Chairs

Whiskey barrel table is one of DIY (Do It Yourself) creation that easy to create even by newbie as long as there is an available tool. Whisky barrel can be used as table by making the barrel as legs or supporting structure. Since whisky barrels are made of wood and it is usually rustic, they are suitable for a house with classical theme. Even so, the table can also be used in modern houses though it will look pretty weird.

DIY Whiskey Barrel Table

Creating table from whisky barrel is not that difficult. People who want to make it should prepare tools needed like saw, hammer, nails, glue, and anything necessary. After that, they can cut the barrel vertically or horizontally and forming either a half cylinder or two cylinders. For half cylinder, the table needs additional legs to prevent it from rolling. In other hand, for two cylinders, they can directly be made as table. Either way, the barrel needs tabletop to become a useful table.

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Barrel table for outdoor use

For modern house in which barrel table cannot suit well, people can put the table outside. The barrel table will blend well with the yard since the brown color from barrel matches grass, rocks, and trees. However, the table should be given proper finishing maintaining its quality.

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