Driftwood Table Design Ideas For Your Room

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Driftwood Dining Table

Driftwood table – is a great decoration piece that comes with beautiful design. There are many ways you can do to upgrade you room’s décor. One of them is to choose a coffee table with unique design. Driftwood is a good material to be used as table legs. Through its natural shape, the table will look amazing. Besides, it can be fit to any room design ideas. Here, they are some ideas of coffee table using driftwood as it leg.

 Driftwood table design ideas

Even though the wood has its great beauty, a nice top can make it look more stunning. To display the wood’s beautiful curves, the glass top is the best complement. Through the clear glass, the driftwood leg of the table can be seen from the top. Then, you can choose top shapes for the table, like round, oval, square or rectangle. It can be adjusted with the surrounding decorations.

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 Color selection of driftwood for the table

To display driftwood as room’s decoration is usually for a room with coastal or rustic theme. Actually, it can be used to any room’s décor, if you choose a right wood color. Various types of wood based on the color are available in dark, light, or even white woods.

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