French Bistro Table Set

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French Bistro Table Base

French bistro table is kind of table or table set that commonly use in bistro’s french, french bistro is kind of french restaurant or cafe. This table generally produced and made in french, the typical design of this table is round shaped table with about 29 inches high and 20 inches diameter. This table set is very suitable for classic design room.

What is french bistro table commonly made from?

This round table which made from french made by very varies materials, that could be metal, iron, many kind of woods which have strong nature, and many other materials. But the most materials which are very often using for this table are oak wood, teak wood and silver metal. Because those materials have strong nature and give the classic in finish look caused by their natural form and color. Generally, design of this table is classic and retro.

Classic table gives classic atmosphere

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The classic style of this table is very convenient as the furniture to decorate any classic rooms because it can support the classic design by giving classic sense and atmosphere for the room. The classical impression reflects by the design include shape, form and color.

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