Glass Vanity Table For Sophisticated Look

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Black Glass Vanity Table

Glass vanity table – is really fit to create a luxurious atmosphere in your room. Through its sophisticated design and shining look of the glass, this table really can be a center piece of the room. There are a lot of ways you can do to upgrade your room look. One of them is to decorate it with furniture that is made with gorgeous design with great material. Then, glass is perfect material to make a stunning vanity table.

 Design ideas of glass vanity table

The wooden table that is covered by glass will create a great design. The glass that is used for the table is not transparent, but shining. It is perfect to make the table look sophisticated. The table is usually designed with some drawers as the storages. The design of iron or crystal drawer opener can be good decoration for the table. To combine it with gold and silver color makes the table more attractive.

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 Glass decoration on Vanity table with mirror

You can complete the table with the mirror to make it as dresser. To support the table design, you can choose the mirror with decorative glass frame. The mirror decoration will match to the vanity table design.

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