Harry Potter Decorations For Birthday Party

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Harry Potter Wall Decor

Harry potter decorations will make a birthday party feel more delightful. If you or your kids love harry potter movie, you can choose it for the birthday party theme. The decorations are really needed to bring more fun and joy in the party. Therefore, you must decide a theme to make you easier to choose the party decorations. Harry potter is a very famous movie, so everyone must love to come to your party. You can decorate the room or outdoor party place and provide the dinner ware and birthday cake in harry potter design. You also can ask the guests to wear dress code for great party.

Harry Potter Decorations with Attractive Designs

You must know that harry potter is a move of wizards’ life. Therefore, the decoration designs are related to wizard stuffs, like the cone hat, wand, magic broom and many more. If you hold the indoor party, you can decorate the wall or ceiling with the flags of four dormitory in Hogwarts such as Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Revenclaw, and Slytherin. To put them above the dining table will create an atmosphere like in Hogwarts’ dining room. Besides, the dress codes for the guest can be black mantel, hat, tie, glasses and a wand can make the party look so fun.

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Birthday Cake with Harry Potter Design

Besides the decorations, a party is not complete without cake design. To matched the room décor, you must choose the cake with harry potter design. The cake can be decorated with harry potter picture on it or even the shape of the owl. Some decorative topping also can make the cake look more appealing. Then, to enjoy the cake, the guest must need the dining wares. So, you also should choose the design of the dining ware with harry potter theme. Besides, the stunning look of table cloth design can upgrade the table decorations too.

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