How To Make A Blackjack Table

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Blackjack Strategy Table

Blackjack table – is something you need when you play poker. It is not complete if you play cards game without using this table. In spite of going to a casino, actually you can make the table by yourself.

 Materials and Tools Needed to Make a Blackjack Table

The materials you need are plywood, wood glue, spray adhesive, blackjack felt layout, foam padding, armrest foam and vinyl, table legs, and paints. While the tools you will need are jigsaw, drill, clamps, knife, staple gun, paint brush, and pen.

 How to Make It

First, draw the blackjack table plan. Draw the design on a sheet of plywood and the rail on another one. Second, cut out the table pieces and assembly the rail. Use a jigsaw to cut out the table and the rail, then merge them by using wood glue. Third, cut out holes for chip tray and money slot. Next, paint the table. Fifth, attach the foldable legs to the table. After that, put a piece of foam with spray adhesive. Then attach the blackjack felt to the table and the foam to the edge of the rail. Eighth, lay the rail top side down on the vinyl. Finally, Install the money box and paddle, discard and chip tray, and the bill slot.

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