Kid Picnic Table Concept

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Kids Wooden Picnic Table

Kid picnic table – is table which is used for kid in picnic, the concept of this table making is to give the convenient table use for kid. The safety of the design is the most important thing that must be concern. The quality of the material that use for this table which include the strength is important and need to concern as well.

 Kid picnic table design

As i have explained before in previous paragraph, the most important thing that have to concern well when designing this table is safety. Therefore, the designed for very safety and convenient use for kid that is flat wood top with A-shaped two pairs legs, a pairs in every side with chairs are stuck on the legs. The other things that have to concern are the perfect sizing. Since it is designed for kid, the size must be convenient for them.

The suitable material is important too

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The last important thing that you have to concern when you are going to make or buy this table is the material that this table made from, it have to strong and able to carry the kid’s weight. Because the most common materials that used are wood, the teak wood is very common.

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