Make Your Efficient Galley Kitchen Design

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Galley Kitchen Design Ideas

Galley kitchen design is a design for modern kitchen style which is efficient and very simple for minimalist kitchen. Firstly, galley kitchen was made for cooking in ship, train and plane. However, nowadays it is adapted by many people as their modern kitchen style. Why choose galley kitchen? Because it is very simple and efficient, it does not need large space.


Some Important Things in Making Galley Kitchen Design

If you want to make your own galley kitchen, you should pay attention some aspects. Those are space, storage, and ventilation. The space should be adequate when you are opening the door of storage of freezer and do not make it too large. Then storage, you can put the storage in the top and down of the permanent table. Moreover, ventilation is very important because the air when you are cooking must come out through the ventilation.


How to Design the Galley Kitchen?

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Usually galley kitchen is available in two side, right and left with the space in the middle. You can choose the right side for putting the stove and the sink, so if you have cooked, you can easily put the tools in the sink. Then in the left side, you can put some small properties like a set tool for making beverage, and others.

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