Making A Tortoise Table For Your Cute Tortoise

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Tortoise Tables

Tortoise table will be the best choice of table for you who have a tortoise. This table is already known as the best living space for them. It offers the best comfort for them. Not only that, this type of table can last long, too, so you do not have to change them every years.

Making your own tortoise table

The tortoise table is made as a craftsman from wood. In a company, it is already assured that their product has very high quality. Maybe, that is because of the use of the best and the most expensive materials. Sadly, that fact makes some of this table to have a high price. But, do not worry; actually, you can make it by yourself, too. The materials that you have to prepare before are five pieces of laminate flooring, a half of polycarbonate glazing with twin wall, timber batten, MDF off cuts, duct tape, and four tough seed trays. Be careful, because you maybe need the help of jigsaw and an electric drill

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The benefits of making this table on your own

If you are making this table by your own, one of the most important benefit is that you can make them the way that you want. The style, the colour, and the design are up to you. You also can make them with the lightest material, so it can be easy to move around.

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