Mickey Mouse Room Décor For Fun Kids Bedroom

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Minnie And Mickey Mouse Room Decor

Mickey Mouse room décor – is the best choice for your kids. You must choose decorations in attractive design, if you want to decorate the kids’ room. It is because bedroom for the kids is not only for sleeping, but also the space for studying and even playing. Therefore, a fun room décor will not make them bored. Instead, the room with captivating décor can make them feel more comfortable to stay there. The kids commonly love superheroes or cartoon characters, and most of them must love Mickey Mouse that comes with cute and attractive look.

Bedding Designs for Mickey Mouse Room Décor

What is the most important thing in a bedroom? It is a bed as the place for you to sleep. Then, to make the kids fell cozy to sleep on their bed, you should choose nice design for the bedding set. Mickey Mouse design for the bedding is a great idea. Red, black and white are the colors that are commonly chosen for Mickey Mouse theme. The huge pictures of Mickey for the blanket or comforter design can be a focal point in the room. Then, the simple black Mickey’s head for the cover of pillow and bolster will complete the look.

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Mickey Mouse Designs for Bedroom Decorations

Besides the bedding set, other furniture will also look good with Mickey Mouse design. You can choose the design for bedroom set like dresser, closet, desk and the cabinet. The Mickey Mouse painting with red color on the furniture will create a fun décor. Then, to complete the look, put some ornaments with same designs like carpet, curtains, table lamp, couches with the cushions, and even the wall decorations like paintings, clock, mirror frame and many more. The headboard of the bed with Mickey’s head shape also can be a nice focal point that can enhance the room décor.

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