Modern Rustic Decor

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Rustic Modern Home Decor

Modern rustic decor – is a combination of modern style with old looks of the room itself. If you have an old house that are can be fix and you can redecorate the rooms, then this decoration style will be perfect for you. You do not have to throw away all the old furniture. You can put a modern touch in your old furniture. Simply searching for the modern looks furniture and re-shapes your old furniture. For examples, you can varnish your old dining set and make it a brand new one. The bed frame’s if it is still strong enough, you can add a straight bold shape and varnish it too. Then you will get a modern style bed frame.

Modern rustic decor in your rooms

For an old house, it will be easier if you break it down and build a new one. But it will cost you more than if you redecorate and fixing the house. The old house usually has a strong foundation so the fixing work will be around the floor and ceilings. Keep the old lines of the ceilings and floors to be match with your renewed old furniture. Paint your ceilings with white paint, while your furniture in a darker color, like dark brown. The color will blend perfectly and you will get a new house right away.

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Popular stuff you can buy for your modern rustic room

There is some furniture that you can also buy if your old ones are too broken to fix. For examples, the floating wood shelves, the reclaimed wood decorations, paintings of animals, old compass that already rare to find, and etc. Somehow you do not need to buy this furniture, just maximize your creativity and find that you can make furniture from your old ones. You can also asking for other professional advices.

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