Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

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In Ground Fire Pit Designs

Fire pit designs for outdoor have more than one design that can fit into your house. If you want to make fire pit at the yard of your house, you should know which is fit into the design and theme of your house. Below, I would like to explain about several designs for outdoor fire pit.

Outdoor Fire Pit Designs for Minimalist Houses

Your house is a minimalist house. So, how about the fire pit? It has to be minimalist too. The designs for fire pit may be rounded, square or even only digging a hole and make it as fire pit. For your minimalist house, rounded fire pit with stone material will be a good choice. The chairs around the fire pit should be minimalist too. Thus, the fire pit will not be separated from the house. The color of your rounded stone fire pit also has to be simple. You can still use the natural color of stone.

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Simple Fire Pit

You could make simple fire pit by choosing the simple design. Just digging a hole and make it as fire pit will not make your fire pit looks bad. Besides, you could add bricks around it and make it better.

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