Outdoor Rabbit Hutch Designs

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Rabbit Hutch Building Plans Free

Rabbit hutch designs are designs that made for the rabbit’s house. Rabbit is one of the most favorite pets. From kid to adult, they adore rabbits because they are small, cute, and easy to take care of. There is only one thing that becomes problem for a lot of people that have rabbits as their pets, the rabbit hutch. Many people are having a hard time to choose the rabbit hutch. Do you want some recommendations?

One Level Rabbit Hutch Designs

This kind of rabbit hutch is the popular one. Some of the people are adore couple of rabbits. They hate to raise so many rabbits. And if you are one of those types of people, it such a great decision for having one level rabbit hutch. The main design is to make one medium size room for rabbits and keep the house away from the ground. That’s why they make the house high. You can pt 1-3 rabbits inside the hutch.

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Rabbit Coops as Rabbit Hutch

This rabbit hutch design is maybe new for some people. This design was adapted from chicken’s house. They make the main hutch in the ground and make a cute design just like a second floor. The coloring and the design is just like a barn. You can put 1-4 rabbits in there.

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