Sawhorse Table For Craftsman

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Sawhorse Table Base

Sawhorse table is very unique table ever made. It is because the table is not like usual table which we usually see especially in the leg. The supporting legs are neither straight nor claw-like. Instead, the supporting legs are more like A-letter. The supporting legs are arranged by double A-letter which connected by beam in the middle of A-letter. For a table, there are two sets of A-letter on which a tabletop will be installed. Therefore, there will be a total of 8 legs for a table.

Sawhorse table tabletop

In order to gain more unique look for the table, the table should have unique tabletop. One unique tabletop is rustic finished table. This table is great for classic house and this table is actually best put outside as informal outdoor party. Another unique tabletop is glass tabletop. Though it seems dangerous and fragile, yet it gives great look for modern houses.

Sawhorse color

To achieve great and matched design, the color should correlate with wall, floor, and other furniture color. For modern house with white color, a white legged table is nice and matches. If the color of the house is green, pink, or any other color, the table should have similar color according to other part in the house.

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