Special Mexican Tile Designs

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Mexican Tile Fireplace Designs

Mexican tile designs are typical ethnic designs from Mexico. We’ve known Mexico as a tropic country where cowboy and sheriff lived. Many people are thinking that Mexico only about hot weather and kind of strong living area. But, who knows that Mexico has such a special and artistic tile designs? If it is your first time knowing about this, then you better keep reading to know about the designs.

Colorful Mexican Tile Designs

Contrast as the tropic theme, the tile designs are using colorful theme for coloring the tiles. There is a design called Solid Color Handcraft Ceramic Talavera Tiles: Mexican Tile Sets. The design in this tile is consist of many bright colors in square shape that forms a square tile. This one design is showing the bright design from tropic country.

Artistic Tile Design

The second one is the artistic design. In this tile design, the basic color is navy blue. Quite similar as the colorful tile design, this tile design is consist of 16 small square shapes that form one square tile. Each small square has its own design that makes the one square tile looks like a paint of art.  Mixed Handcraft Ceramic Talavera Tile: Mexican Tile is showing an amazing artistic tile design.

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