Star Wars Decorations For Baby Shower Party

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Star Wars Wall Decor

Star wars decorations might be a good choice for you who want to hold a baby shower party with unique theme. It is very nice especially if you are a fan of star wars movie. You can choose any concept to decorate your baby shower party for more joy and fun atmosphere. Unique design is better to make an unforgettable moment. So, if you choose star wars décor for your party, you must prepare many things include the decorations. The stuffs you need are the room decorations, cake designs, dinner ware décor, even the guest’s dress code and souvenir for more delightful party.

Attractive Designs for Star Wars Decorations

You can start with wall and ceiling décor. A big banner with the greeting words and a picture of Dart Vader on it really can be a centerpiece in the party. Then, the ceiling will look more attractive with balloons with decorative designs. You can choose the balloons with nice colors, great picture on it or unique shapes. Besides, the serve the food and drinks with dinner wares in star wars design. You also can order the cake with same design theme to complete the party decorations. The cake with such a great decoration even can be a focal point in the party.

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Star Wars Dress Code and Souvenir for the Guests

The participation of the guests really can make the party feel more alive and full of joy. You can ask them to come with star wars dress code or to provide them some costumes like the black coat of Dart Vader, hat that is designed with some character of star wars, or the light swords to be held by the kids during the party. Moreover, to make your party become unforgettable moment, you can give the guests some souvenirs with star wars designs.

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