The Advantageous Harkness Table

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Harkness Table Discussion

Harkness table is very wide table which is about 2 times or more compared to standard table. This table is meant for education purpose where all of learners are seated around the table to speak up their ideas. Since this table is wide enough, it can be used for at least 10 people at the same time. Moreover, that number is good enough to start a discussion which is lead and triggered by teacher. In short, this table is pretty useful for education

Harkness table shape

This table has two common shapes. The first is oval and the other is round. Both of them are used since there will be no wasted space for sharp corner. If it is compared to square table, we can see that the corner cannot be used for table unless it is very carefully arranged. Even so, there is also square table, but it is not too common.

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Elegant Harkness

Not only is this table functional, but it also has beautiful design. The beautiful and elegant design can be seen through its finishing. The more it shines, the more its quality. For the color, either black or white is good as long as it is shiny. Moreover, the chairs should not be upholstered since it is too exaggerating.

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