The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Screen Porch Designs

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Screened In Porch Designs

Screen porch designs are good design for you who love nature so much. This design makes you did not want to go if you are on this area. This design combines between natures in outdoor and pleasure in indoor. This is the better design for you to enjoy nature.


The Advantages of Screen Porch Designs

If you have this design on your house, you can easily to make yourself pleasant because you do not need to go out to enjoy nature. You do not worry also if the weather is rainy, but you still want to see the view outside. You just need to sit there, take a coffee, and have chitchat with your family inside. You will not lack of sunrays when you are having this design in your house.


Disadvantages of Having Porch Design

The disadvantages of this design are the robber can see your house’s inside easily. You should be careful of it. Do not forget to close your curtain after you already finish your enjoyable moment there. It also can make a greenhouse effect because some glass made it. A greenhouse can be affected all aspect in the earth. Your earth will feel so hot when the sun is on his maximum temperature.

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