Vintage Formica Table For Kitchen And Dining Room

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Formica Top Kitchen Table

Formica table is a very cute table. This type of table is also unique because its leg can be removed easily when you want to transport it to the other place. In fact, there are many themes that can be pulled by this table. Vintage happen to be the best theme for that.

Vintage Formica table for a kitchen

The vintage type of this table really suit well with the atmosphere of the kitchen. It is lovely and matches well with many available colours. There are pale blue, light blue, red, light green, pink, brown, ivory, gray, white, brow, etc., so you can match it with the kitchen layout. Its compact set is adding the good point of this table, too. Easy to use, easy to put, easy to set.

 Vintage Formica type of table for a dining room

When you unfold the table, it will give you more space than when you fold it. That way, the unfold mode of this table can be a suitable choice for a dining table. Small or spacious dining room does not matter with this adjustment. With its formica top and some decoration on the top of it, your eating time will be more merrier.

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